Case Study: AMEX - MaxVantage Paperless Trade Shows

Case Study: AMEX - MaxVantage Paperless Trade Shows

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Amex is a long-standing partner of Poken's, having used Poken's Green Event suite in a number of events & trade-shows. At the MaxVantage Supplier Trade-show in Dallas, Poken helped AMEX save 135 trees by cutting out paper. "This is amazing. It's the fist trade-show where [as an exhibitor] I was asked to simplify my preparation work and save costs by not bringing any paper flyers, brochures, or business cards. The organizers wanted us all to improve information flow and be "green" by going digital, asking us to prepare all our marketing documents in digital format. No paper allowed! The visitors could pick up our brochures by touching tags on our booth" "After the show we received the best analytics and lead generation report we've ever seen. We can follow up with every person who picked up our brochures, we know what interested them, and which of our sales and marketing staff they met on the booth" Some links below also refer to AMEX Small Business events which have used Poken to boost networking.




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