Case Study: Touch Voting at Swisscom Innofair and WTO

Case Study: Touch Voting at Swisscom Innofair and WTO

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Touch Voting is proven to help boost visitor satisfaction and engagement. By displaying a survey on a wall, with Touchpoints used to vote on a variety of topics, event organizers have increased participation in surveys by over 80%, and boosted visitor satisfaction overall. Filling in a survey on a piece of paper or a mobile device is not a social activity. It does not foster sharing, nor does it have viral appeal. Equip your event with a wall-based Touch Survey, and participation becomes viral: Visitors see others touching the wall to vote, and they get driven in my this "team activity". Poken-powered Touch Surveys have also helped increase the use of the event mobile app, tenfold. Participants are driven to the mobile app through a preliminary set of questions published on the wall-based survey, and they then continue answering other survey questions online, and take the opportunity to discover the other mobile app features.



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